Enterprise Social Network

This application is a social network similar to LinkedIn that allows our client’s 160,000 personnel to benefit from from a private social network. Users are able to connect with each other and discover expertise using a custom search solution. The system enables questions/answers, bookmarks, personal connections, mentoring, and expertise location. Native clients have been built for blackberry and iPhone/iPad.

The platform is regularly used by executives to share information with personnel in the company. Live chats are held that allow employees to directly interact with them. The younger generation especially values this opportunity to interact with upper level management.

A custom javascript widget framework was developed to enable embedding this application information easily to any website on the clients intranet. This platform was used to build the clients next generation portal where users can see all their important information at a glance.

This system processes incoming data feeds from several databases and Microsoft SharePoint to provide a single application that is easily accessible to the average user. This data is in turn exposed via web services to provide a unified enterprise API for accessing employee personnel information.

Harpoon Technology provides the design, implementation, deployment support, critical issue production support, and software maintenance of this system, while operations are performed by our client’s staff.

This project strongly demonstrates the value of modularity in system design; the core system described here provides and accepts web APIs to interoperate with other systems (developed by other teams) which has enabled our customer to broaden the scope and footprint of the overall system substantially, without the cost of replace the core (working, proven) system.

Technologies: Java, Oracle, Solr, Single Sign On